About Us

Once we have worked as administrators, developers and designers in some of the leading IT companies in Serbia, and cooperated with a number of important international names, we have realized that the principles of most domestic companies inhibit creativity. Suppresion of creativity usually implies reduction of productivity and we all know what reduction of productivity means. Loss of money and time. It is not necessary to indicate the companies which, because of it's outdated approach to business, not only lost their supremacy in the market and their money, but also clients money and time. To ensure that this kind of problems would not happen, we have created a new concept of IT for midsize companies. Most companies of our region, consume huge amounts of their finances on employees in the IT sector, which ultimately cannot solve all the problems they are facing, so it appears to be inevitable to hire professionals who can handle the emerging problems. We have a more effective solution to your problems.

Our basic idea, and business philosophy, is turned exclusively to our customers, and saving their, ie. Your money. Instead of spending huge amount of money on your IT department, including payments, and also the contributions and other taxes, think about renting the IT sector service. This is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the world, and it is right time for this trend to break-through. We offer you exactly that. For a monthly fee you get experts on your disposal, experts who can overcome any obstacles that may come across your IT. No need for searching and hiring additional people who can solve the problem. All solutions are in just one place. As opposed to your own IT sector, we offer the possibility of 24/7 support.

You can see on our website what we can do for you, but you can find out the full scope of our activities only by contacting us.

Best regards,
Your Neospindle Team